Discrimination and Harassment

Available as In-House training option only

This 2.5-3 hour course is designed to inform and educate participants on the legislative requirements for employers and employees under the Queensland & Federal Human Rights and Discrimination legislation. Covering the three concepts of:

  • Workplace Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment

this course is ideally suited to in-house training tailored to suit the needs of your workplace, and will provide attendees with a detailed overview of the legislation, individual responsibilities, and the impact of harassment and discrimination in a workplace and for persons involved.

The session includes a variety of topics and presentation techniques with particular emphasis on:

  • The theory behind each concept
  • Proactive employer approaches to issues
  • Developing or refining company policies
  • Informative group activities / exercises
  • Reviewing past decisions and case studies



1. Supervisors and Management. This course can be delivered for supervisors and managers as a way to educate then about the legislation surrounding these legal concepts, and reinforce workplace policies and protocols for both identifying concerns, and responding to complaints. Delivery has a practical focus with a number of case scenarios presented to provide a practical context to the concepts covered.

2. Staff. This course can also be delivered to staff within a workplace - to educate them about the three legal concepts and to assist them to feel comfortable to report a concern (as opposed to taking the compliant to an external authority).  With this audience, policies and protocols and how they apply to the workplace, and conduct expectations are also covered during the session.


- $825 (inc GST) per in-house session for QHA members including Corporate Members and Partners
- $1,237.50 (inc GST) per in-house session for non members

Discounts apply where more than one session is required.


Or to express interest, please send your name, hotel name and location via email to er@qha.org.au.


Each participant receives the course notes, support material and a QHA certificate of attendance upon completion.

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