Unfair Dismissal Representation and Advice Service

Are you facing an Unfair Dismissal Claim before the Fair Work Commission?

If so, the Employment Relations Department can assist you (on behalf of the employer) through our unfair dismissal representation service.

Conciliation Conference

The first stage of the process is known as the ‘conciliation conference’ which takes place about 2-3 weeks after a dismissed employee lodges a claim with the Fair Work Commission.

We will provide you with advice about your prospects of defence, draft an employer response and represent you at the conciliation conference. We can also draft a deed of settlement to ensure any settlement reached to resolve the unfair dismissal claim is binding.

Arbitrated Hearing

If the matter proceeds to a Hearing, the Employment Relations Department can also assist you through our unfair dismissal Hearing service.

This involves providing advice about your prospects for defence (if we haven’t already), responding to directions from the Fair Work Commission, drafting witness statements, formal submissions and providing advocacy during the Hearing. 

Dismissal Advice Service

If you are contemplating dismissing an employee, the Employment Relations Department can assist you through our Dismissal Advice service.

This involves discussing the matter with you, perusing relevant documents, providing advice about prospects of defending against a potential unfair dismissal claim and if appropriate, assistance with drafting the termination of employment letter.

Of course, if the matter proceeds to an unfair dismissal claim, we can represent you in accordance with our unfair dismissal representation service.

Let the QHA Assist You!

For the nominal fee of $205.00* per hour plus GST, one of the QHA’s Employment Relations experts can represent your interests and achieve the best outcome for you. 

We can also provide an estimate of our fees!!!

This is an extremely competitive rate compared to law firms and other consultancy firms that can charge fees of around $350.00 per hour plus GST and higher.

Wesley Davey
Senior Employment Relations Adviser

Contact Wesley: wdavey@qha.org.au

* a higher hourly rate applies for non members.

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