Wage Health Check

Are you paying too much?

QHA’s new fixed-fee service for hospitality employers, the Wage Health Check, is a quick and inexpensive audit to ensure that you as an employer are meeting your wage related obligations.

Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (‘the FW Act’) it is legislated that employers must ensure that all minimum entitlements are observed for employees, both under the National Employment Standards (‘NES’) and the relevant Modern Award, such as the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 (‘HIGA’) or Enterprise Agreement.

Managing your wage related obligations can be challenging

It can often be difficult getting your wage obligations right. Many aspects of it can be confusing, including setting up payroll systems, rostering staff and paying other entitlements such as allowances and penalties.  All of this can cause added stress and paperwork that you don’t need when trying to run a business.

Let us help!

The Wage Health Check has been designed to take the stress and confusion out of getting employee entitlements right for QHA members.

And it’s simple - you give us your time and wages data and we’ll do the rest!

For one low fixed-fee price of $395 + GST we will undertake a Wage Health Check for:

  • • One Award classification - 12 weeks of data (Perfect for HIGA Clause 27.1 reconciliation requirements)


  • • 3 Award classifications - 4 weeks of data for each classification

The QHA Employment Relations team will check compliance against the HIGA or Enterprise Agreement in place for all relevant entitlements including pay rates, ordinary time earnings, overtime, penalties and allowances.  They will also conduct a check of the rostering to ensure this meets minimum requirements.

As part of the service QHA will also provide you with a confidential Wage Health Check Report. And, if any issues are identified, we can work with you to resolve these quickly and effectively.

This low-cost service can not only save you the time and effort of double-checking in-house, it can also save you the money, time and resources that can come with defending claims for underpayment of wages down the track.  But most importantly, it will give you peace of mind by knowing that your employees are receiving everything they’re entitled to under the law.

Call us now to book your QHA Wage Health Check on 07 3221 6999

Wage Health Check for Non QHA Members: Non QHA member employers can still access the Wage Health Check services advice and assistance. However an hourly fee for service rate will be applied. For more information, contact a member of the Employment Relations Department. 

QHA Employment Relations Department
Ph 07 3221 6999
Email er@qha.org.au

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