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Got a complex staffing matter? Finding yourself short of time? Let the QHA buy you time! 

For those more complex and technical staffing matters, employers can engage the services of the QHA's Employment Relations (ER) Consultancy Services - senior members of the QHA's Employment Relations Department.

By engaging the QHA, you can take comfort that legally trained eyes are working for you! Scroll down to find out more detail on how the QHA can help.

In addition, members can access a COMPLIMENTARY Consultation (of up to one hours duration) for matters related to an Unfair Dismissal claim. 

During this consultation your case will be assessed by an experienced consultant, and preliminary advice will be provided together with an estimate of the QHA's professional fees to defend against the claim. 

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A range of
professional employment relations consultancy services are available - our main, but not all, services are below. Click on the text in bold to find out more information about how the QHA's ER Consultants can buy you time! 

Advocacy and Representation 
We can represent your interests before tribunals such as Fair Work Commission and the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland, as well as assist you with the resolution of complaints before the Fair Work Ombudsman. Our hourly rate of $205.00 per hour (plus GST) is very competitive!

Click here to find out more about the assistance the QHA can provide with an Unfair Dismissal claim.

 Individual Flexibility Agreements

The Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 (the 'HIGA') and the Restaurant Industry Award 2010 (the 'RIA') both allow for employers and individual employees to enter into an individual flexibility arrangement ('IFA') under Clause 7 - Award Flexibility - of both Awards. The QHA can assist with the drafting of these complex legalistic documents.

Workplace Investigations 

A workplace incident may require formal investigation where the incident potentially breaches a law or workplace policy. This is particularly the case where the alleged incident may result in disciplinary action against an employee or employees - and recent case law confirms the investigation process you undertake can be open to significant scrutiny.

Enterprise Agreements (drafting and negotiations on your behalf)
The QHA's experienced consultants can assist you during the enterprise bargaining process by acting as your bargaining representative, drafting your Agreement, lodging the Agreement on your behalf, representing you before the Fair Work Commission.

(workplace) Agreement and NES Comparisons 

For those hotels with formal workplace Agreements in place, it is mandatory for those Agreements to comply with the National Employment Standards (“NES”) and to provide the same base rates as the corresponding modern award. The QHA's ER consultants can assist you to ensure compliance.

Industrial Relations Compliance Audits 
Are your IR records up to date? To ensure you are meeting all of your legal obligations as an employer, we can undertake a compliance audit and provide strong and accurate guidance on how to meet your obligations.

In-house training (refer to Employment Relations Training page)
Click on the above heading to view the range of training services the QHA's Employment Relations team can deliver in your workplace.

HR Staff Manual / Handbook Reviews
Is your policy and procedure manual up to date and expertly drafted? As an alternative to purchasing the QHA's HR Manual (available from the QHA SHOP), we can undertake a formal review of your manual on a competitive fee for service basis.

Employment Relations Disputes with employee advice and assistance.
As part of this service, the QHA can assist you (on behalf of the employer) as an actual representative, or alternatively by providing advice and assistance to you behind the scenes.


Wesley Davey, Senior Employment Relations Adviser
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Joanna Minchinton, Employment Relations Manager
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Hospitality employers can access the professional and hospitality focused assistance from the QHA for the following cost competitive rates:

Financial QHA members (inc Corporate Members and Partners) - $205.00 per hour plus GST (around half the price of fee charged by law firms for the same services and expertise!) 

Non Members of the QHA
- $275.00 per hour plus GST

For more information, or to obtain an obligation free quote, contact us at

Employment Relations Department
Ph: 07 3221 6999
Fax: 07 3221 6649

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