Liquor Legislation

The Liquor Act (1992) and Liquor Regulations (2002) require that all licensees, nominees and staff of licensed premises understand and abide by their respective obligations under legislation. Generally, staff and management need to ensure they sell and supply liquor to patrons in a responsible manner.

Under the Liquor Act (1992), it is an offence to:

  • Sell liquor to...
  • Allow liquor to be supplied to...
  • Allow liquor to be consumed by...
    • A minor (under 18 years), or
    • An unduly intoxicated patron, or
    • A disorderly patron.

It is the responsibility of licensees to ensure their employees are aware of what is expected of them in relation to current legislation. This does not negate the responsibility of individual staff members to inform themselves of their legal obligation, as both licensees and staff, including security providers, can be held liable for breaches under the Act, as can patrons. Licensees, nominees and management can be fined a maximum of $37,500 whereas staff and patrons can be fined a maximum of $6,000.

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