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Cooking The Books - Food Cost Management Workshop

Is Your Hotel Kitchen Profitable?

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Who Should Learn to Cook The Books

  • This workshop has been specifically designed for:
    • Hoteliers
    • Chefs
    • Food & Beverage Managers
    • Anyone who would like to work in these areas


This 1 day workshop includes:

  • Standard Recipies - Setting them up for your kitchen
  • Menu - analysis and protability
  • Portion Control - Calculating the cost of food items
  • Yield Testing - Calculating purchase weight and usable percentage of food
  • Understanding - Kitchen profit and loss
  • Stocktaking - A tool to keep control of your kitchen


Additional modules for 'Cooking the Books' are offered from time to time.
Please contact us for further information

Developing Hotel Management Skills

This two-day workshop is ideal for all levels of management from 'supervisors with potential' through to experienced managers and nominees. The program provides participants with a greater understanding of the hotel as a total business entity and takes an in-depth approach to all business facets from wages and stock control through to profitability factors and promotions. The workshop topics include:

  • Analysing profitability factors, forecasting and reports
  • Leadership, effective communication and holding meetings
  • Training, keeping and motivating quality staff
  • Rosters, staff policies and procedures, job responsibilities
  • Handling difficult customers and welcoming complaints
  • Analysing day-to-day hotel situations and scenarios
  • Understanding business dynamics
  • Assessing management skills and responsibilities

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