The QHA have partnered with Grinders Coffee to deliver a premium quality coffee making experience for hoteliers and staff. Grinders Coffee was established in 1962 in Lygon Street, the centre of Melbourne’s famed Italian Quarter. They strive to produce the highest-quality coffee blends for Australia's booming café, restaurant and hotel scene. Their growing range of blends are increasingly recognised and sought after as their reputation strengthens around Australia.

The one-day Premium Barista Course delivers the following sessions to achieve knowledge, skills and competencies.


1. Learn how to control your variables and setup an espresso machine and grinder to achieve high quality and consistent espresso extraction.
2. Recommended starting point for best learning experience.

Learning Activities:
Setup an espresso machine
Espresso preparation technique
Setting up a grinder using an Espresso recipe
Measuring dosage using scales
Barista Technique (dosing, distribution, tamping)
Grind adjustments
Basics of tasting
Extraction and espresso brew parameter theory
Packing down an espresso machine


1. Learn to prepare all of the espresso, milk and beverages on an espresso menu.
2. Optional starting point light on espresso, heavy on milk.

Learning Activities:
Milk steaming
Milk pouring/basic latte art
Café menu production
Coffee service standards
Workflow practice time


1. Refresh the learnings from the previous two sessions.
2. Produce coffee with a quality focus, at maximum pace.

Learning Activities:
Grinder setup/troubleshooting
Workflow coaching; quality and speed

Venue: Grinders Coffee state-of-the-art learning facility located at 7/11 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102

Course Timings: One full day, 8.30am – 5.00pm

Cost: $495.00 per person

Takeaways include certificate, guides to learners and access for sale on the day any equipment required for the learners to produce coffee (scales, tampers etc)

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