WHS Induction Program - Small Hotels

Workplace Health & Safety Queensland (WHSQ) provided funding to the QHA to develop a work health and safety induction program for small hotels. This funding was granted under the Small Business Program Grants Scheme. The project is designed to help small hotel businesses who may not necessarily have the resources or expertise to develop a health and safety program of this nature. The program will be available to all hoteliers, not just restricted to the QHA membership. The content has been updated to reflect recent changes to legislation.

Induction Program Structure and Contents

The induction program comprises a handbook and a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation contains a condensed form of the handbook and provides an alternative means of delivering the handbook contents to the new employee. The handbook captures everything you need to know about 'generic' health and safety in a small hotel. All the contents may not be relevant to your hotel but most of it will.

The contents cover a range of general topics including the duty of care of the employer and employee; identifying and controlling hazards in the workplace; risk management; and the type of hazards specific to the industry. There is a safety quiz at the end to test the understanding of a new employee (an answer page is also supplied) and an employee declaration which formalises this handbook as part of your induction process for record keeping purposes.

Identifying Hazards

This induction program is designed to provide an understanding of general health and safety issues in the workplace for new employees. It also provides a platform for them to be able to identify and, in some cases, avoid and/or control hazards that they may come across. To some extent, those hazards can be relatively obvious i.e. fire, trip hazards, lifting kegs etc; however, some are not – such as the inert gas threat in cool rooms, chemical handling, and some electrical hazards. The handbook covers the type of hazard that an employee in a small hotel will find in the normal course of their duty. The handbook describes how to deal with these hazards and prevent injury or harm to themselves and others.