WHS Small Business Management System

With funding provided by the State Government (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland - Small Business Unit), the QHA has developed a Workplace Health and Safety Small Business Management System (SBSMS) which is specifically designed to be adopted and utilized by small trading hotels and taverns within Queensland.

This management system is a basic, easy to use method for establishing WH&S policies and procedures in a hotel environment. The system sequences through the important WH&S issues that are likely to arise in a small trading hotel, and how to address them. It has been developed to meet both the requirements of the Workplace Health & Safety Act 1995 and associated legislation/standards, and to assist hotels in implementing a necessary level of health and safety to prevent injury to staff. There will also be indirect benefits that flow through to patrons.

The SBSMS comprises of seventeen (17) modules which include all those priority areas that are assessed as hazardous within the industry, eg manual tasks (handling), noise, hazardous substances, safety and security, fatigue and stress, etc etc. It is presented in a flow chart format, and it is simply a matter of the user answering 'yes' or 'no' to a series of questions in each module, and following directions from there. Further information for each module can be found in the attached appendices.

The QHA encourages all small business trading hotels to take advantage of this free resource in order to meet their WH&S responsibilities.

Contents, Introduction & Instructions for Use