Work Health & Safety

As with most other businesses in Queensland, the hospitality industry is regulated by the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This legislation establishes the parameters for health and safety in workplaces for both employers i.e. hoteliers and employees.

The responsibility for meeting those conditions falls heavily upon the employer. In addition to legislative requirements, hoteliers are obliged at common law to maintain a duty of care for their patrons during the course of normal business. It is in the interests of the business that any serious illnesses or accidents that could damage the establishment's reputation, or lead to financial loss, are prevented.

The QHA's Work Health and Safety Department provides specialist services to hoteliers ranging from free professional advice over the telephone to consultancy on a fee for service basis.

Services offered by the QHA Work Health and Safety Department include:

  • Compliance Auditing
    Auditing is used to evaluate the status of workplace health and safety which fulfils the employer's legal obligation in providing a risk free workplace. The Department undertakes various auditing tasks which generically review workplace systems, practices, procedures and equipment, and establish whether the workplace meets compliance standards set by legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.
  • Advice to Members
    Professional workplace health and safety advice, either in written format or over the telephone, is provided to members upon request.
  • Advice on Legislation
    Advice is given on interpreting and applying all areas of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, other acts and regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.
  • Advice on Policies and Procedures
    Advice is provided on detailed workplace health and safety policies and procedures for your business including emergency responses, health and safety representatives, safety committees, alcohol and drugs, workplace rehabilitation, food safety and many others.
  • Specialist Training and Workshops
    The Department delivers specialist workplace health and safety training relevant to the hospitality industry to our membership.

The Work Health and Safety team is cognisant of increasing regulation within our industry and are responding to these challenges accordingly. By utilising the Department's services in a strategic manner you may reduce your costs in the long term.

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